During the treatments at Urban Beauty and in the store, you will notice that we mainly deal with products of natural origin. However here we have made no compromises at all on the efficacy and effectiveness of the cosmetic products we deal with. Therefore you will find principally new innovative products at Urban Beauty that we have selected with care from all over the world. Of course, effective and without harmful substances.



Absolution Cosmetica

Absolution has only recently been introduced in the Netherlands and can already be found at Urban Beauty. The brand originating from France is organically certified, like most products at Urban Beauty. It is a very high-quality cosmetics brand with a contemporary design and luxurious appearance. It is therefore a perfect fit with Urban Beauty. The compact line is individually adjustable by the "mix and match" philosophy and is hence suitable for every type of skin and can be used throughout the year. As a real "wanna have" brand you will most likely have seen adverts in all major glossy magazines. Do you want to know more about Absolution ? Just follow the link to the website of Absolution


Esse Organic Skincare is a native South African brand that uses the enormous plant diversity of Africa in their cosmetic lines. In its 10 years of existence, the brand has become extremely popular worldwide. The innovative, cutting-edge, certified organic products are free of chemicals to improve the skin. Esse Organic Skincare is primarily focused on efficacy of the products. Nature offers us all the active ingredients that we need. To learn more follow the link to the Esse Organic Skincare website


alexami overview

Alexami is an Australian beauty company dedicated to creating natural organic skincare and cosmetic products using active botanical ingredients and minerals. Alexami's innovative natural cosmetics was developed to give you a flawless look. It does not only deliver a flawless finish every time, but is also suitable for people with sensitive skin or conditions like acne, eczema, dermatitis, and rosacea. Alexami uses an innovative approach regarding color and fashion trends. Alexami believes that beauty should be simple and what we put on our skin should work in harmony with what Mother Nature gave us. Alexami aims to become the safest and most socially responsible beauty products to make available to women of all ages. Learn more and follow the link to the Alexami website

SpaRitualsparitual overview

SpaRitual is a brand from the United States that has been in existence for more than 10 years and which supplies spa manicure, spa pedicure and spa body products. All made with 100% natural and vegan ingredients from around the world. The nail polish does not contain any harmful components. It is even biodegradable and its packaging is durable, like the product itself. Learn more and follow the link to the SpaRitual website.

Nouvitalnouvital product

Nouvital Cosmetics is a Dutch cosmetics brand with an innovative and comprehensive cosmetics line which is also produced in the Netherlands. The products are made according to the latest scientific knowledge and developments in the cosmetic field. The products contain almost exclusively the highest possible concentrations of active ingredients of natural origin. They are also hypoallergenic, allergen-free perfumed, free of parabens, free of mineral oils, free from wheat germ oil (for Gluten Allergy), with a sunscreen (all day creams) and not tested on animals. Learn more and follow the link to the Nouvital website.

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