Urban Beauty is a member of the ANBOS and its arbitration committee. The ANBOS membership guarantees a professional approach for the salon. This way of work takes into account the General Conditions which are registered with the Social and Economic Council ( SER ) . As a member of the ANBOS association, Urban Beauty agreed to these terms.

Terms and Conditions Beauty Trade Industry
( AV CZ/90 December 2009 ) These Terms of ANBOS , ANKO and ProVoet were drawn up in consultation with the Consumer Organization in the context of the Selfregulation Coordinationgroup( CZ) of the Economic and Social Council and came into force by January 2010 . The CZ would appreciate it if this is mentioned in a quote from these General Terms .

Definitions glossary:


the natural or legal person who has registered with both the HBA and the Foundation for Consumer Affairs Committee , is organized by the industry associations ANBOS and running in the personal care sector ;

Hoofdbedrijfschap Ambachten in Zoetermeer;

Algemene Nederlandse Brancheorganisatie Schoonheidsverzorging in Utrecht;

the natural person who , otherwise than in the exercise of his profession or business , uses the services of an associated entrepreneur in the personal care sector ;

the agreement for treatment , and / or delivery of products , in the sector forpersonal care ;

Personal care company: 
The company that performs treatments aimed at the care of the skin and the appearance of people from a beauty point of view ;

Arbitration Committee:
The arbitration committee for the beauty industry, Bordewijklaan 46, Postbus 90600, 2509 LP Den Haag;

Branch code:
The code of the beauty business , the Code of beauticians ;

Identity of the entrepeneur:
Urban Beauty
Kruisstraat 33
2611 ML  Delft
Telefoon:        015-2131827
Mobiel:        06-44033792
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KvK nummer:        27323670
BTW nummer:    NL 155275355B01

ARTICLE 1 - Applicability

These Terms and Conditions shall apply to the establishment and implementation of all agreements in the personal care sector between the entrepreneur and the consumer .

ARTICLE 2 - Conclusion of the agreement

  1. The agreement is finalized after the consumer has asked for a treatment and the entrepreneur has indicated that it will perform that treatment.
  2. If the consumer electronically has accepted the offer, the entrepeneur will immediately confirm receipt of electronic acceptance of the offer . Until receipt of this acceptance has not been confirmed , the consumer may terminate the contract.
  3. Prior to or at the start of each treatment or series of treatments must inform the relevant parts price . Favor consumers During treatment , the consumer can take supplements to treatment which will be indicated on the relevant parts price . Well in advance In a series of treatments , the agreed price can not be increased in the interim.
  4. The cancellation policy , as appropriate , be made ​​known to the customer before the contract is concluded .
  5. In case the consumer force majeure prevented the appointment made ​​to meet , no fee will be charged. This force majeure should be . Or plausible

ARTICLE 3 - Obligations of the entrepeneur

  1. The operator shall ensure that the work performed by him comply with the agreement and be done with proper and careful workmanship and using proper materials and resources .
  2. The operator shall inform the consumer about the nature and extent of treatment , the results can be reasonably foreseen and possible risks associated with the treatment . The entrepreneur asks consumers to information that is relevant to be able to carry out the treatment.
  3. The entrepreneur is supposed to work in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and art , as among others is reflected in the industry codes in force issued by the HBA .
  4. The operator shall perform any act that falls outside his professional competences .

ARTICLE 4 - Obligations of the consumer

  1. The consumer shall inform the trader to enter into the agreement to provide any specific wishes informed.
  2. The consumer has the duty to provide needed for the proper execution of the agreement . Requested by the operator and all necessary information
  3. It is the responsibility of the consumer to assess whether specific information affects the performance of the contract .

ARTICLE 5 - The offer

  1. If an offer is of limited duration or subject to conditions , this will be explicitly stated in the offer .
  2. The offer includes a complete and accurate description of the products and / or services . The description is sufficiently detailed to allow . A proper assessment of the offer by the consumer may If the contractor uses these images are a true representation of the products and / or services . Obvious mistakes or errors in the offer does not bind the entrepreneur.
  3. Each offer contains such information that is clear to the consumer what rights and obligations are attached . To the acceptance of the offer

ARTICLE 6 - The price

  1. The price of the offer will be clearly defined and specified by the operator . These will be made available to the consumer before the conclusion of the agreement . Available by entrepreneur
  2. The operator reserves the right to change the prices to see his suit and will therefore make this known under the terms of paragraph 1.
  3. The prices indicated in the provision of products or services include VAT .

ARTICLE 7 - Appointments & Cancelation

  1. An appointment is an agreement for the supply of products and / or services .
  2. The company retains the right to oppose the agreement in the event of force majeure . The consumer may at that time not claim any compensation. The odds should be . Or plausible
  3. It will be , if possible electronically remind the consumer to the agreement made .
  4. If the consumer wishes to cancel the appointment should be made at the latest after receiving the reminder referred to in paragraph 3.
  5. If the consumer failed to cancel in time or to appear at the agreed date and time the entrepreneur retains the right to ask for lost income covering a maximum of half of the amount involved in the deal was agreed a fee.
  6. The circumstances referred to in paragraph 5 shall not apply if the consumer invokes force majeure. This force majeure should be . Or plausible. 
  7. When arrangements exceed a continuous period of one and a half hour the entrepreneur retains the right to ask for a 10% deposit of the total amount for the treatments minimizing the risk of lost revenue by not showing up.

ARTICLE 8 - Payment

  1. Payments to the entrepreneur must be made in cash . Generally accepted in the Netherlands with a payment Cash payment includes payment of the amount owed ​​on a specified trader bank account at the time of the sale or delivery or payment through bank approved forms of electronic payment .
  2. If, due to force majeure, the consumer is unable to pay the trader the consumer to bring the amount in arrears. This should be done or within the period of 5 days. By default , the operator subject to legal restrictions, the right to charge . Advance to the consumer reasonable costs
  3. In a series of treatments , the entrepreneur can oblige the consumer to a payment of up to fifty percent of the total price . The remaining part of the total cost will be charged. After the completion of the series of treatments If payment is agreed , the consumer may exercise on the implementation of the relevant product or service (s ) before the advance payment has been made . No right
  4. An exception to paragraph 3 is formed by entering into a long-term commitment by the consumer . These so-called subscriptions often include a discount on the prices . When a premature termination of the subscription , the consumer is entitled to a refund of an amount of the unused treatments. Here the operator reserves the right to enjoy the discount on the prices to offset the amount to be refunded .

ARTICLE 9 - Liability

  1. The entrepreneur is towards the consumer liable for damages resulting from a shortcoming that the entrepreneur or a person in his service or intern is responsible.
  2. The consumer is facing the operator liable for the damage suffered by a trader to the consumer shortcoming caused .

ARTICLE 10 - Complaints

  1. It is strongly recommended shortcomings by return after discovering or exploring thereof or electronically submit . Written by the entrepreneur Wait too long to submit the complaint may adversely affect the legal position of consumers.
  2. The entrepreneur must investigate complaints. Adequate The entrepreneur will repair any defects as possible within a reasonable time , unless in connection with the circumstances can not reasonably be demanded of him.
  3. If the complaint can not be resolved satisfactorily by mutual agreement creates a dispute may be submitted to the Disputes Committee .

ARTICLE 11 - Settlement of disputes

  1. Disputes between consumers and businesses about creation or execution of contracts may be made ​​by the Disputes Committee ( www.degeschillencommissie.nl ) . Before both the consumer and the entrepreneur
  2. A dispute by the Disputes Committee discussed only if the consumer has made ​​. His complaint to the trader
  3. After the complaint is submitted to the trader should the dispute not later than three months after it occurs at the Disputes Committee be brought.
  4. If a consumer makes a dispute to the Disputes Committee , the trader is bound by this choice. If the operator wishes to make the Disputes Committee a dispute, he must ask the consumer to speak if he agrees . Within five weeks The business should also announce that he will consider before making the dispute. In the courts after the expiry of the aforementioned period
  5. The Arbitration Commission shall decide in accordance with the provisions of the regulation applicable to it . The decisions of the Disputes Committee pursuant thereto by way of binding advice. The regulations will be forwarded . For the treatment of a dispute to a fee.
  6. Only the court or the Disputes Committee mentioned above is jurisdiction to take notice.

ARTICLE 12 - Compliance Guarantee

ANBOS guarantee the fulfillment of the binding advice by its members , unless the member decides on the right to submit it. Binding opinion within two months of their transmission , for review This guarantee revives if the binding opinion after review remained by the court and the verdict confirming this, the force of res judicata.
Up to an amount of € 7,500 per binding opinion, this sum ANBOS to the consumer . For amounts greater than € 7,500 per binding opinion, the consumer and the amount paid for the excess will be offered to consumers to transfer his claim to ANBOS , after the payment of this organization in its own name right will ask to meet the consumer .
ANBOS provides no performance guarantee if, before the benefit of the handling of the dispute by the consumer is satisfied the purpose certain formal intake requirements (payment complaints money , return completed and signed questionnaire and any deposit payment ) , one of the following situations occur :
    - Is granted a moratorium on the member.
    - Member is declared bankrupt .
    - The operations have actually been discontinued .
Decisive for this situation is the date of the cessation of the trade is registered or an earlier date , which ANBOS may cause the actual operations are terminated. Plausible

ARTICLE 13 - Personal Information .

It will be the processing of personal data and the consumer will observe the applicable privacy regulations and legislation.

ARTICLE 14 - Changes

ANBOS will only change the applicable terms and conditions in consultation with the Consumer .

ARTICLE 15 - Exceptions

Deviations from these General Conditions are only possible if they are in favor of the consumer.


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