Body Treatments

At Urban Beauty we have relaxing and result body treatments like massages, hot stone and body scrubs. Just like the facial treatments, where we determine the best result, we are looking at your current needs and wanted result. The focus can be put on the skin condition to simply look better. But moisturizing a dry skin or perhaps just to relax. Away from the hectic world and let yourself be pampered. The body treatments are booked per time slot. They are certainly recommended for expectant or new mothers. 


The hot stone massage is using massage techniques with the aid of heated basalt stones. The special round lava basalt stones are heated using a hot water bath. Their special composition and structure will retain the heat which is slowly transferred to the skin while massaging with them in combination with hot massage oil. This works not only very relaxing but the transferred heat also has an effect on the deeper layers of the skin, even the muscles. So the effect of the massage is more profound. 


Body Scrub

The body scrub is suited to give the body skin a refreshed and improved look. It removes the dead skin cells and is ideal for dry and rough spots. Your skin will feel soft and smooth again after the treatment. During the body scrub we use a mixture of nourishing and exfoliating agents massaged by a special glove. Here you have the option to choose between a salt based or sugare based scrub. After the treatment your body skin does not only feel better, it also looks refreshed and as new. 

Massage Techniques

The body massages are certainly recommended to relax or get rid of stress. But it is also very suitable to achieve skin improvements. Such as allowing waste substances in the skin to be disposed of by lympatic drainage. We also use a variety of massage techniques, depending on the intended purpose for you. Such as oriental ayurvedic, lymphatic drainage, pressure point massage and classic massages.


Back Treatment


€ 39

The back treatment massage is a relaxing and reviving massage for the back.


Hot-Stone Massage


€ 43

The famous hot-stone is done with warm special lava stones. The stones are used to massage the deeper tissues. It is very relaxing and nourishing for the muscles. Total time required approximately 30 minutes.


Or you can download the complete pricelist here.


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