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Also for facials with result, Urban Beauty has an excellent track record. After a thorough skin analysis we will consult with you what has priority and what your wishes are. You might want to get your skin in a better condition and have a younger look. Perhaps you have skin problems such as acne or skin discolorations. But it could also just be that you just want to relax and be pampered, want to get rid of your unwanted hair or more have more pronounced eyes. However, it may of course be a combination of all. 

Our Facials

Please have a look at our facial offering below. It is mostly adjusted to your specific needs. We achieve excellent results. The customized version is adjusted to whatever result you would like to see. We offer a basic customized version of 60 minutes, and a more extended version of 90 minutes. If you want a 100% natural treatment we offer the urban nature version. And for a complete pampering experience the urban royale. 

Facial & Head Massages

Certainly for relaxation or getting away from stress our massages are excellently suited. But by special massage techniques, also skin improvements are possible. Such as allowing waste substances to be disposed of by lymphdrainage. Depending on the intended purpose we have the massage technique to match. Such as ayurvedic, lymphatic drainage, head massage, pressure point massage and classic massage. Special at Urban Beauty is the brush massage for relaxation. 

Eyebrows and Eyelashes

These treatments are certainly a specialism at Urban Beauty. We can direct you to a spacial page on these treatments. 

Fleece Masks

Fleece Masks are extremely active luxury masks with a very quick effect . They consist of freeze-dried ingredients which are released when applied during your facial treatment. The ingredients even have a better effect by additionally applying a paraffin mask over it. This is especially a must if you are looking for a very quick effect. And then the warm benefaction is certainly a pleasant experience.

The film mask can be booked as a separate treatment, but can also be taken with your existing and familiar treatment as add-on. Do you want to make the skin around your eyes tighter with fewer lines ? Then it is possible to take an eye mask with the film mask, But it is also possible to apply a highly effective serum for a quick neck lift using it in the neck and cleavage area.

Urban Beauty offers a wide selection of fleece masks depending on your skin and what you want to achieve . The hydrating collagen mask provides the dry, stressed and mature skin a smooth and even appearance . Thus we have a quick solution for each specific skin:

  • Aloe vera fleece mask, for the neglected , tired and / or irritated skin, possibly even acne skin . Works anti infection , soothes and regenerates.
  • Ginkgo biloba fleece mask for poor circulation skins , smoker skin or sallow skin. Stimulates circulation and regenerates. 
  • Repair fleece mask for skins that need extra care . The mask contains allantoin and Bepanthen as active ingredients. This mask is supportive for the skins' own repair capacity and energizes.
  • Vitamin E fleece mask for mature skin and a skin with telangiectasia . The mask reduces congestion and works great against wrinkling .



All treatments include intake, skin analysis and treatment plan. Exclusive are waxing and depilation. Because of the required time for booking, please mention all add-on treatments as much as possible during reservation.

Urban Customized


A combination treatment for an overall skin improvement results. With some options to customize the treatment to your needs. Depending on what your skin requires at this moment.


Customized 60 minutes


€ 78

Cleaning followed by an intense cleaning using scrub, lycing or peeling. Removal of contaminations and milia. Mask applied with pencil-massage. Serum or ampoule by choice. Daycare treatment to finish off.


Customized 90 minutes


€ 108

The customized 60 minutes treatment supplemented with relaxing techniques, a scent treatment with essential oils and hand and foot massage with warm oils.


Urban Menu


A treatment especially composed by Urban Beauty for a very specific required result.




€ 98

A rejuvenating treatment to reverse the effects of aging. By a refinement of the skin structure a radiating effect is achieved. Total time required approximately 70 minutes. Treatment includes extensive cleaning, fleece-mask treatment, ampoule and serum.




€ 39

A cleaning treatment to thoroughly cleanse the skin and return complexion. Total time required approximately 30 minutes. Treatment includes cleaning, scrub, deep cleaning mask and daycare treatment.


Cleansing Extra


€ 68

A extended cleansing treatment. Total time required approximately 60 minutes. Treatment includes intense cleaning with massage, removal of contaminations and milia, scrub, deep cleaning mask and daycare treatment.


Relaxing & Inflammable


€ 57

A relaxing treatment aimed for the calming of the skin. Total time required approximately 45 minutes. Including relaxing massage cleaning, a light and soft cleaning treatment, a cool repairing fleece-mask. Finished off with a calming daycare treatment.


Urban Nature


€ 85

A treatment with solely 100% natural and biological ingredients. Total time required approximately 60 minutes. Especially suited for the oversensitive skin or people with an idealistic view because of the fair trade, free of animal testing and recycled packaging of all ingredients. And the 100% natural ingredients.


Urban Royale


€ 143

The ultimate pampering treatment from head to toe. For the ultimate body and mind treatment. Total time required approximately 120 minutes. For a complete newborn result. Including treatments and massages of hands, arms, feet, legs, head & face, decollete and neck and shoulders.



Facial Add-On (a la carte)

Additional Eye-mask treatment


€ 15

An additional eye-mask treatment during your facial to give your eyes extra attention for example to revive your tired eyes.


Additional Ampoule


€ 15

We have a wide variety of additional special effect ampoules during your facial for a specific result like for example anti-aging.


Paraffin membrane-mask treatment


€ 27

The paraffin fleece mask encloses the skin and isolates it so the active ingredients can optimally affect the skin and the blood circulation. This has a very fast effect.


Galvanic Anti-Aging Treatment


€ 33

A treatment to rejuvenate the skin with a very fast result. You will get instant result. The treatment takes approximately 20 minutes and can be booked as separate treatment or as add-on to your facial treatment.


Galvanic Calming Treatment


€ 33

A treatment to calm the sensitive skin with a very fast result. You will get instant result. The treatment takes approximately 20 minutes and can be booked as separate treatment or as add-on to your facial treatment.



Or you can download the pricelist here.

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