Manicure & Pedicure

The focus with the spa manicure and spa pedicure is on the aesthetic and nurturing effect of the treatment. To give the hands and feet an appealing and groomed appearance including the nails. Nail art and specialist pedicure treatments are not covered by it. A spa manicure and spa pedicure will focus on the caring aspect where the goal is to get nice looking and attended hands and feet including the nails. At Urban Beauty you will get an extensive treatment with great care and attention to detail. All this in the soothing ambience of the salons of Urban Beauty. Your hands and feet are not the only ones to be pampered.

Spa Manicure 

The improvement of the general condition of hands and feet are the focus of our spa manicure and spa pedicure where we concentrate on the care and maintenance of your natural nail. With each person it depends on the condition of hands, feet and nails where the focus will be. But a general treatment will take 30 minutes which can be extended with a nourishing paraffin bath and a nail lacquer. 

In general the hands and feet are getting a scrub after which the nails are cleaned, filed and polished. Also the cuticle will be attended to. Hands, nails and cuticle are then applied with nurturing products. All this to give them a dazzling appearance. For special occasions like a wedding the spa manicure and pedicure is perfect. 

Paraffin Treatment 

As an addition to the spa manicure and spa pedicure you can choose for a paraffine treatment which makes the applied products more easily accepted by the hands, feet and nails. The result is immediate and the effect is softer feeling hands and feet. But more important, they look great and attended. 

Nail Lacquer 

For the best result it is important that good products are used. But certainly the pre-treatment and after-treatment will have a large effect. After degreasing the nails a primer is used. This is the basis for the colorless base lacquer. On top of which the lacquer with color is applied in at least 2 layers. But it is also possible to choose for a French manicure. And to finish the layers a top coat is applied that will give strength and a nice shine. The drying process is then speed up using a spray.
During the treatment it is important to evenly apply the lacquer to achieve a result without lines. So you see, at Urban Beauty we really have an eye for detail.


Spa Manicure


€ 25

A nourishing manicure treatment for hands and nails to achieve an excellent result. Time required approximately 20 minutes.


Spa Pedicure


€ 25

A nourishing pedicure treatment for feet and nails to achieve an excellent result. Time required approximately 20 minutes.


Nail Lacquer


€ 15

Lacquer is being applied on nails with a base and top coating. French manicure is also possible.


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