Eyebrow & Eyelash

At Urban Beauty we are specialists at getting you amazing eyes. We have several treatments and techniques mastered to give your eyebrows and eyelashes a fantastic look. 

Eyebrow sculpting

Together with you, we will define the model which is best suited. With our experience and insight we have helped many clients to beautiful stylized eyebrows. So we are sure we can achieve a beautiful result also for your eyebrows

The use of the right depilation and waxing techniques is very important. Not only to achieve the best result but also to avoid mistakes and minimize discomfort. Skin irritation is avoided by the use of soothing and calming products.

If the treated area becomes too large, we have the option to wax it. A special technique that we at Urban Beauty master which shortens the treatments and therefore make it more enjoyable. 

Eyebrow waxing

Having your eyebrows waxed is a precise procedure that requires a lot of experience. It however gives a very nice and lasting result.

If you want to change your eyebrows to a different model, waxing them is often the fastest and most comfortable method than plucking the hairs one by one. When waxing the eyebrows, it does not only remove the visible hairs, but also removes the small downy hairs. Additionally a light exfoliation takes place. The result feels more smooth than after depilation. However Eyebrow waxing is not suitable for everyone. Especially with a very thin skin, it is not to be recommended.

Eyebrow coloring

Eyebrow coloring is done for a variety of reasons. If you have light or blond eyebrows, coloring can give you a more stylish expression. Also a more dense eyebrow appearance is achieved and grey hairs can be camouflaged. But it can also simply be used to match your hair coloring.
To get the best result, both eyebrows are colored simultaneously and in several stages to get a symmetric result. Where it must be avoided that the skin is also colored. We have developed unique techniques and we have a vast range of colors to get you a unique result. Something that requires a lot of experience and takes more time and effort.

Eyelash coloring

A fast result to get a more pronounced expression is to color the eye lashes. Whereas with mascara the lashes are not completely colored and the lasting effect is limited, the lashes are totally colored with eye lash coloring and lasts for weeks. An effect that is more distinct with fair eye lashes.

At Urban Beauty we have a very extensive color range, various colors are possible. We also have the technique to mix the colors to match exactly what you need. The fact that Urban Beauty has an extensive experience in lash coloring is important as the coloring takes place close to your eyes.





€ 15

Eyebrows are getting a touch up to achieve a beautiful glance.


Depilation complete


€ 19

Complete eyebrow sculpting with waxing and depilation to achieve a new model. Including pretreatment and post-treatment.


Eyebrow coloring


€ 16

Eyebrows are being colored in a customized color to match your personality.


Eyelash coloring


€ 16

Get smashing eyes with perfectly colored eyelashes.


Eyelash & eyebrow coloring combi


€ 30

Your eyebrows and eyelashes perfectly matching in color.


Or download the complete pricelist here.

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